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Scaling From Solo Consultant To A Team By Creating A Total Rewards Program

Hiring The Right People In a people-centric business such as consulting, there is no chance of success without the right people. But getting the best and keeping them there is tougher than…

Benefits Of Writing A Book For Consultants (& How To Do It)

Each time, a published book has been my ticket to a full client roster, media attention, and collaboration opportunities. It’s helped me grow my influence, impact, and revenue. But equally important—to…

Growing Your Consulting Business Through Diversity & Inclusion

Defining Diversity & Inclusion Diversity is the variety of demographics that form a workforce, group or society. We tend to think of the demographics of gender, race/ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, physical…

Consulting Masterminds: How Consultants Benefit From Community

What Is A Consulting Mastermind Group? A consulting mastermind is a community of entrepreneurial consultants who get together to share insights, stories, data, and experience around growing and scaling a consulting business.…
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