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Benefits Of Writing A Book For Consultants (& How To Do It)

Each time, a published book has been my ticket to a full client roster, media attention, and collaboration opportunities. It’s helped me grow my influence, impact, and revenue.

But equally important—to me, at least—is how writing a book changed me and my business. I’ve seen it work the same magic for my clients.

And if you’re a consultant, I know it can do the same for you.

Most consultants typically emerge from the book-writing process with new frameworks, language, and marketing clarity they can immediately apply to their business.

The book is an inflection point — a catalyst for increased impact.

A Great Book Brings Growth through Clarity and Opportunity

Writing a book is a deeply introspective journey, and unless you’re working with a ghostwriter, it asks you to sit with your thoughts for hours, days, weeks, and months.

The process pushes mental boundaries and forces us to test our discipline and follow-through.

And if you can emerge on the other side of the long and meaningful journey of writing a book, you’ll be profoundly transformed.

Writing and publishing my first book back in 2013 and my second coauthored book in 2018 completely changed both how I saw myself and how others saw me.

Internally, I gained deeper clarity and clearer language; this impacted how I carried myself, invested in my business, and pursued opportunities.

I developed an entirely new framework for teaching and implementing my expertise, and developed additional offerings, including a digital course. I began taking bigger risks, hiring a team, and even investing more in my wardrobe.

Clarity of self is empowering.

So are new opportunities and challenges.

As a published author, people began to see me as an expert industry leader. I began to steadily grow an audience. I secured keynotes and opportunities I’d only dreamed of when I started my business.

And my newfound clarity and confidence helped me thrive through all of it.

And as of this writing, I’m working on my next book. While I’m only at the outlining stage, I’m already experiencing profound growth.

How to Write a Powerful Book to Scale Your Consulting Business

Today, I lead others through this journey, and we begin with developing clarity. In the book-writing system I developed, we start by digging deeply into your big vision, one reader, and core differentiator, and then push to define how readers will be transformed through reading your book.

We roll up our sleeves and wade through the muck and mud of ideation to arrive at a structurally beautiful book outline.

If you’re just beginning this journey, get started with some daydreaming.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, set a timer for ten minutes, and respond to the prompt, “If I could write any book, what would it be about?”

Let your ideas flow without judgment.

Sit with those ideas for a day. Make notes as inspiration arises.

If you’re facing a nearly blank page, don’t stress.

Trust that the book is within you and instead answer the question, “What could a book do for my life, business, and impact?”

(And if you’re feeling extra-inspired, respond to both!)

Once you’ve narrowed in on a topic, consider which of the three core types of nonfiction books is the right fit for your consulting business: big idea (a favorite of consultants), how to (another favorite), and narrative.

Think creatively here and give yourself freedom.

You might even write a blend: storytelling, big idea, and a touch of practicality.

As you think through the right structure for your book, ask: What’s the number-one thing I want my reader to experience, feel, and do after finishing this book?

You’ll also want to get crystal clear about the book’s role in your broader vision for impact. Many aspiring authors have several book ideas or a single, way-too-broad idea that would result in a tome rather than a compelling, engaging book.

Spend time clarifying your vision using my visioning guide. Then, chart out the steps to get there.

From here, it’s time to take action. Absorb everything you can about book writing and authorhood.

  1. Begin working on your outline.
  2. Create a realistic plan to accomplish your goal of writing a book.
  3. Find a coach or program.
  4. Then, go all out and make that dream happen, because on the other side of writing and publishing your book is transformative growth and meaningful impact.

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